Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time to Focus...Day 58

Weigh in day!  Well as I said in my last post as long as I didn't gain after being home for Easter and the stresses of having my sister in the hospital I'll be happy.  Surprisingly though, I lost, 2 pounds!!!  Not my biggest loss ever, but considering I wasn't in my routine, and eating out a lot more than I should have been I'm really happy with it!  This makes my total loss to date 15 pounds in two months!!!  I can't express how happy I am, and how proud of myself I am.  I've found things I love to do, I'm living a healthier lifestyle, and making better choices for myself.  I'm never going back to who I used to be!

I do think my family is ready to commit me though to an institution.  They still don't understand the running, lol.  Yesterday back home was a mini-marathon, 13.1 miles!  Although I am no where near prepared for that, I do want to participate next year.  In honor of the mini though, and the fact that I was feeling good I decided to have a day for myself.  That meant that in the morning I would try a 5 mile run on the elliptical.  I wasn't sure I could do it since it was a mile more than I've been able to do.  I amazed myself though and completed 5.1 miles in 65 minutes!!!  Since I'm still training for a 5K later this month (yikes!!!), I was really happy that I could push myself for that long.  After the run, I decided I needed to do something for myself, to treat myself.  I headed to the movies, an indulgence for me since I'm on a tight budget.  Let me just say if you are a car person, a moderate car person, enjoy looking at cute sweaty men, and/or like action movies go see Fast Five!  Personally I LOVED it, and think it's the best of the Fast and Furious franchise, but I'm getting off topic.  After the movie, and embarrassing a kid in the parking lot in front of his friend who didn't know how to drive his car (HA!!!), I headed home and indulged in a pizza.  Yup I ordered delivery pizza.  I did some research before ordering though and got a pizza that for two slices was only 450 calories and 16 grams of fat.  So I was still on plan.  I sat on my couch, watched some DVRed television and relaxed for the rest of the night.  Since this week is finals week, I wanted to give myself a break before mass papers and the last little craziness of the semester began.  It was a great day!

My mom called me late last night to see how my day was since I told her I was going to run 5 miles that morning.  When I told her about my day and how wonderful I thought it was she was a little confused.  She didn't understand how I was so excited after running 5 miles and felt great.  Although my family struggles to understand, they are supportive, and I'm grateful for that.  While home I got to cook two different meals for my parents that were part of my meal plan.  My father will eat just about anything you put in front of him so he enjoyed all the food, but my mother loved some of the things I made which made me really happy.  Sharing that healthy food can be tasty food was very satisfying for me.  Now if I could just get them to run with me and understand my love of it, but I think I'm reaching there, lol.

In 8 pounds I will be under a big number for me.  Although judging from how much weight I need to lose most people probably can figure out how much I weigh, but I'm still not at a point where I can admit that to people.  I have decided though that since the first week of this month is finals and then I have some time off for the rest of the month I can really focus on exercise and diet.  So with the knowledge that a few weeks ago I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks, I want to lose 12 pounds in the month of May!  It's a big goal, almost as much weight as I have lost in two months, but I know that I can do it.  It will put me over the first big milestone of 25 pounds lost, and under a magic number for me.  Since I think with classes being over I can really focus, and I'm also going to run a 5K this month and this should help me train and focus.  So I have a new goal, yea!!!!

Finally I want to let you all know that my computer is kaput right now.  I'm trying to get it repaired but of course when you need things the most, you don't have them.  I don't know when I'll be back at 100% operational, but I'm using a mini laptop for now as a stand in.  Not a great solution, but at least I'm not at a total stand still.  Since it's a little difficult to work on, and I need to focus on finals, I'll most likely not be posting for a little while.  I promise I won't be gone for long.  =)

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  1. I am using a netbook right now too, while my laptop gets repaired.