Throughout the journey I will be setting goals for myself.  These may be long term goals that take several months to complete, or they may be short term goals that I can accomplish in a few weeks.  These goals are different than my Bucket List/To-Do List in that these are specific to being happy and healthy although some may cross over to both.  Even though I will discuss each goal in a post as I set it, I'll put them all here so that it is easy to follow along with my progress. 
  1. See this journey through to the end - Set 3/18/11
  2. Lose 130 pounds - Set 3/5/11
  3. Get on a daily schedule - Set 3/5/11  Realized it had already been achieved 5/8/11
  4. Lose 7 pounds between 4/3/11- 4/17/11 - Set 4/3/11  Achieved and Exceeded 4/17/11
  5.  Run a 5K in 40 minutes or less - Set 4/17/11
  6. Lose 12 pounds in May 2011 - Set 5/1/11  Unfortunately only reached 9 pounds, but still a good loss.
  7. Complete all grad school course work by August 15, 2011 - Set 6/20/11  Didn't quite make it with all the stress of moving back to my parents house.
  8. Hike the Hanging Lake Trail in Colorado and make it all the way to the end this time - Set 9/7/11 
  9. Move to Colorado before Spring of 2012  Set 1/17/12  Achieved in March of 2012! 
More goals to come as time goes on!  =)