Monday, May 16, 2011

Sick...Again...Day 73

Well after a great workout on Friday I thought I would reprise my day of 5 on Saturday running 5 miles again...that didn't quite work out.  I woke up early with horrible pain in my ear.  After years of dealing with ear infections my entire life I knew my Saturday had other plans in store for me.  Sure enough, after paying an insane amount of money to see a doctor who told me what I already knew, and getting antibiotics I came home and fell asleep.  Sunday held much of the same thing in store for me, sleep.  Although I'm still not great, today is the first day I've begun to feel better, at least my fever broke!  So unfortunately my eating habits haven't been the best again, and working out hasn't happened since Friday, and I imagine won't get back on course again for a day or two.  I have to wonder though why my body is punishing me like it is, the flu last week and now this.  On top of my normal seasonal allergies which are crazy this time of year.  I'd just love to have a span of two weeks where I feel as good physically as I do mentally, because all the physical stuff is beginning to affect me mentally too.

So even though it's a day late I did weigh myself this 8 pound loss!!!  Apparently when you don't feel like eating because you're sick helps you lose weight too.  So it may not have been the healthiest way to lose the weight but I did work out for the about week that I was healthy.  So I am well on my way to my weight loss goal for this month!  Not to mention another step closer to the big goal of 130 pounds!

Weight lose 5/1 - 5/16 ~ 8 pounds
Weight lose since 3/5 ~ 23.6 pounds!!!!!!

So even though the entire right side of my face hurts when I smile right now, I can't seem to stop knowing that right now I am sitting on the big number I set as my first super secret weight goal.  It's hard to believe that I have lost this much weight already and it's only been two and a half months!  I'm super happy with the weight loss, but also how my entire viewpoint is changing about everything!  Well it's back off to bed to sleep some more, shocker I know, so that I can feel better and get back to work on school stuff, job stuff, and me stuff!  =)

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