Monday, June 20, 2011

School, New Friends, and a Milestone

Greetings Interweb!  So I know, yesterday was Sunday...and three weeks from my last weigh in.  Oops!  Well here comes the favorite excuse for posting things late on here, I've been busy with school.  (Are you all ready for me to graduate yet? lol)  Wednesday I got back home from my short visit with family, and Friday I began the last class of my graduate school career!  Here's the kicker about the class though, it's only 20 days long, no weekends off, and the professor is trying to fit everything I think she would teach in a 16 week course in this class!  I fully expect to have no hair at the end of this class.  So I'll try to keep up here, but I make no promises when I have those deadlines.  Not to mention I still have work to do to complete my classes that were supposed to end the first week in May!  Ahhhh!!!!  So here is what I'm proposing, a new goal.  To have all schoolwork completed and turned in by August 15.  Mainly this goal is to just keep me in check so that I can be sure to graduate!  The good news is though that I am so close to finishing, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

I've recently has some pretty awesome e-mail conversations with a woman who has been on her happiness/weight loss journey for over a year, she has lost over 140 pounds, and is still going strong.  Steph at Trading Pounds is actually a family friends daughter.  While our mothers chatted one day mine mentioned that I had begun to lose weight and change my lifestyle for the healthier.  Steph's mom then informed mine that she was doing the same thing.  Steph's website was passed on, I e-mailed her, and the rest is what they call history!  The reason that I mention Steph's journey is because hers is the closest to what I am doing myself that I have found of anyone.  She began not necessarily to lose weight, but to change her lifestyle for the healthier and to be happier.  Sound familiar?  So I thought I would share her website.  She chronicles her journey there, shares some WONDERFUL recipes, and she even offers coaching for those that need a little help with starting their journey.  I strongly recommend checking out her page, she's been a real inspiration and help for me.

Now for the weigh in.  Yes I know that I'm about a week overdue, but I was with my family, and they don't believe in scales (another story for another day, lol).  When I got home, I just flat out forgot.  So the weigh in schedule is a bit off, but that's all right.  When I did get on the scale I was pleasantly surprised though, not only did I have a lose, but I hit a milestone for me.  The last time I tried to lose weight and get healthy I hired a personal trainer, she gave me unrealistic meal plans, and wanted me to go to the gym 5-6 times a week for an hour workout.  It's no wonder that I failed.  I did lose weight though when I was working with her, and yesterday I hit the lowest weight I had gotten to with her.  Consequently even though I don't know this for sure, I think the last time I had been at this weight had been in high school some years before.  It's kind of a big milestone for a lot of different reasons.  First, I got here by myself.  I didn't have a trainer pushing me, or telling me what to eat.  I did this on my own, which is pretty darn cool!  Second, any weight that I lose from here on out will be the most weight I have ever lost.  Finally third, My next personal milestone is 35 pounds away.  This is the weight from one of the only times I remember being on a scale in my youth.  At the time I was in 6th or 7th grade.  I'll share this story when I get closer to that milestone.  Needless to say hitting the current milestone is pretty exciting, and since I have some time before I reach the next one I'm going to celebrate this one.  =)

Weight lost from 6/1-6/19:  3.8 pounds
Total lost since March 2011:  28.6 pounds

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