Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi My Name is Liza...

I admit it, I have an addiction.  No not to food, we already knew that one, I'm talking about another addiction to clothes!  For being a bit of a tomboy I love my shoes, purses, and clothes!  Right now I have begun the packing process, I'll be leaving my current home and moving to who only knows where.  I don't have a job lined up yet, so I don't know what I'm going to do on July 31, but I do know that I have to be out of this apartment.  Although I'm going to hire movers to load and unload everything eventually, I am going to pack a lot of my stuff myself.  Since I'm also OCD about this that means that I want to do it all myself, and organize as I pack.  So I need to get started!

Winter clothes were the first to be pack away.  As I was packing them I couldn't help but wonder if any of them will actually fit this winter when I pull them back out again.  It's a good feeling!  I began to then think about the things in my closet I hold on to because I loved that piece, but it was just a little too small.  Yes I know you shouldn't do things like that.  If it doesn't fit you need to get rid of it.  I've seen the tv shows, I know what they all say.  Sometimes though you just have to hold on to that one special piece.  Or for me the twelve special pieces.  Now some fit me at one point in time, I just couldn't wear them anymore, my junior prom dress for instance.  Other I purchased a little too small and never lost those few pounds I thought I would get rid of to wear them.  So I decided to play dress up.  Shockingly many of these clothes fit!  My junior prom dress could zip up, it was still a little tight but give me another week or two, lol.  There were only two pieces that didn't fit me the way I wanted, but they were close!  Some were even to big!

I cannot convey the depth of my excitement as I discovered this.  Although I know the numbers on the scale have been going down, this was tangible.  When you look at yourself everyday you don't always see the changes, this is really the first time that I have seen the change and it feels great!  Purging clothing in my closet that are too big feels great too, because I know that I am never going to let myself go back to that.  When I was home a little while ago I went shopping with my sister.  I was trying on clothes in my old size and they were huge on me!  I couldn't believe the size that I was fitting in!  Finding clothes that fit me and make me feel good is actually an enjoyable experience again, and I love that!  I also am loving that it's like I have an entirely new wardrobe in my closet because I can wear some things again!  =)


  1. Liza ~ Isn't that the best feeling? When you put something on and it's ... just ... too ... big! It's one of my favorite feelings in the world. Though the constant clothes shopping is wearing me down a bit. So proud of you girl! Keep up the amazing work!