Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sluggish...Part 2 A Guessing Game

Okay so after I posted earlier this morning I began to think about what was going to motivate me.  I looked online for what other people have used for motivation and found this website...Ben Does Life.  His transformation is amazing, and what I'm looking to do.  Now yes he is a man, and men and women lose weight differently, and yadda yadda blah blah.  I know.  His story made me begin to think about my bucket list though.  (Yes I have a list of things I want to do before I die.)  Although I've crossed things off through the years in the past two years I've only crossed one thing off.  I want to cross off more.  So Ben's story encouraged me to work on 3 of the things on my list.  Can you guess which 3? (Red items I've accomplished already.  Oh and if you can help me accomplish another I'd gladly accept help!)  I add things to the list all the time, so maybe I'll post this list and try to cross off a bunch as I am on this journey.  I'll let you know which 3 Ben inspired me on soon!  =)

  1. Write and seek publication for a book
  2. Ride in a helicopter
  3. Lose 130 pounds
  4. Get married
  5. Change someone’s life
  6. Throw a successful dinner party
  7. Wear shorts in public (and not think about it the whole time)
  8. Go to Europe
  9. Make $50,000 in a year
  10. Make a large donation to charity
  11. Become a court appointed special advocate
  12. Meet a celebrity
  13. Ride a motorcycle
  14. Go on a vacation with a friend
  15. See a DMB concert
  16. Tell my parents how much I appreciate all they’ve done for me
  17. Get a Bachelor’s Degree
  18. Adopt a pet
  19. Run a marathon
  20. Sing in a karaoke bar
  21. Be in Times Square for New Years
  22. Go on a blind date (of course before #5 happens)
  23. Buy my own home
  24. Go camping
  25. Skydive
  26. Go to a Garth Brooks Concert
  27. Throw the first pitch at a baseball game
  28. Learn to play guitar
  29. Audition for a Broadway Musical
  30. Get a tattoo
  31. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
  32. Sell one of my photographs
  33. Go to Australia
  34. Learn to Ballroom dance
  35. Parasail
  36. Fly a plane
  37. Travel on Route 66
  38. Go skinny dipping
  39. Go faster than 150mph in a car (legally)
  40. Jump off a pool diving board
  41. Compete in a Half-Ironman


  1. Just so you know, I'm obsessed with Ben Does Life. His brother Jed has
    One, but its not as fun... Have you watched his video yet?

  2. His video AMAZES me!!! He looks like a different person, and I can't believe he basically lost that much weight in a year! I've looked at his brothers blog, and his fathers, and they're all right but his really is more fun. I ordered a "Do Life" shirt and can't wait for it to arrive! =)