Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Woke Up This Morning

Today I weighed in. In part because it's been far too long since I've held myself accountable and done that, and in part because tomorrow night I'll be participating in the "Do Life" tour stop in Denver.  I had hopped that by some miracle weight had just dropped off me even though I haven't been working too hard to make that happen.  The fact is that even though I haven't gained any weight, I haven't lost any either.  For the past year since moving away from Indiana I have fluctuated around the same weight give or take a pound or two.

I know that I'm not just going to miraculously lose weight without trying, you have to put in work to get the rewards.   Trust me, if there was a miracle weight lose plan where you didn't have to put in any work to reap the rewards I wouldn't be writing this blog right now!  I'm glad I'm not gaining weight, but I also know that I'm eating healthier again and I guess I had hoped that I would have some results as a result of that.

I began this journey more than a year ago now.  In March of 2011 I began changing my life.  I feel like I have little to show for that change though.  Yeah 30 pounds is great, but 30 pounds when you know you have 100 more to lose to be a healthy weight doesn't seem like near enough.  Moving to Colorado is great, but not being able to stay here if I can't get a job soon isn't really an ego booster.  This journey began to make a positive change in my life, and I think it did there for a while.  I also feel like I got side tracked too and have allowed myself to stop making these changes and became complacent again.

I may not go to the gym every day like I was there for a while, but I know that I need to get out every day and do something.  When I was exercising I had a more positive outlook, had more energy, and health issues were getting better.  I woke up this morning needing a very large cup of coffee to wake up, thinking about how unhappy my life was, and I had to sit back down on the bed again after standing because my knee gave out.

HELLO LIZA!!!!!!!  Pay attention, You woke up this morning!!!! You're life couldn't be any better based on that fact alone!!!  Maybe if you went to bed at a reasonable hour you'd have a better time waking up! Oh and although you're not a spring chick anymore, if you did your knee exercises like you're supposed to do, your knee would be stronger and maybe not give out on you as much!!

I need to remember the important things, I'm alive, I have friends and family that love me no matter what, and I have been able to have a roof over my head and food in my stomach ever since I got here even without a job.  I promised to always share the good and the bad with you all, and I have always done that.  No journey worth taking is ever easy, I've always known that this is a journey worth taking I just have to pick myself up off the side of the road and begin walking down it again.  Sometimes the journey has to change though because you changed, and I also feel that this is where I'm at now.  I think I need to find new ways of keeping myself going down this path.

No, tomorrow night I won't get to add some big number to the "Do Life" tour's weight loss numbers, but at least I'll get to add some.  More importantly I'll get to share my own journey so far, and how I've been discovering my happiness and love for life again.

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