Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life...Chapter 2

So Monday I left the apartment that I had been living in for the past two years while in grad school.  It was kind of a bittersweet parting.  I know that it was time to move on, and that there are bigger and better things in store for me in the future, but I was still sad.  That apartment was really the first time I had been on my own.  Granted in college I did live on my own, but I always was tied to my parents, I was really on my own this time around, and I enjoyed my independence even if it meant going into massive amounts of debt.  The thing is now I don't know where I am going, and although I'm excited for the adventure that poses, I'm a little scared too.

 So I'm back with my parents for a little while, this is an interesting place to be.  I love my family, don't get me wrong, but a person gets used to certain things while living alone and now I have to remember little things that I had gotten out of the habit of doing.  For instance calling when I'm going to be late so that my parents don't worry and leave the porch light on for me, and even grocery shopping is different.  My parents eat differently than what I have been in the habit of eating so it's going to be a little tricky finding that middle ground between what I eat and what they eat.  I think the biggest change is the fact that three people crammed into a small house makes privacy a luxury.  We're all adjusting.

I'm hoping that I don't have to adjust for too long though since I'm trying to get the details of a cross country road trip planned and make it happen!  I've said that for some reason I feel pulled to be in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Denver, CO, or North Carolina.  I can't quite explain why this is, but I figure since I'm having a difficult time finding a job and most likely will have to serve coffee for a little while why not do it someplace I want to be.  So this trip is to explore these places.  I'll look at the area, possible jobs, apartments, and just explore.  Since I have friends in almost every area that I'm looking at going to I'll also get the chance to visit with them too.  I'm going to road trip it as well.  My mother doesn't understand this.  I want to drive so that I can enjoy the journey as well as the destination.  Driving from Kentucky to Seattle takes me through South Dakota and Wyoming, where I'd be able to visit Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone.  Let's face it, when am I ever going to be in those places any other time?!  I also like the idea of just being able to stop along the way and look at the worlds largest ball of string, or other quirky things I may find along the way.  So it's a rather large undertaking, but I am fully prepared to drive long days, and hopefully find the place that I will be living soon.  I'll be sure to post updates from the road if I can, may need to look into borrowing a laptop, or buying a tablet (graduation gift anyone? lol).

So now that I've gotten mildly settled in with my parents it's back to eating better things for me, and running again!  YAY!!!  I've missed you running shoes!  We'll see how long I can keep in up in the hot and humid weather they have here.  So thanks for bearing with me as I begin the next chapter of my life and make some MAJOR life changes.  I'll keep you all up to date because as I've stated many times before, this journey was never just about losing weight, it's about taking back control of my life and helping myself become a happier, better me.  =)

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