Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick Update

This is going to go fast so try and keep up, lol.  First of all I'm in my mad dash to finish school, I'm so close now I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  (Please keep your fingers crossed for me!)  Second I'm also in my mad dash to finish packing to move, yike!  I also am trying to figure out if I just want to move somewhere without a job lined up, or if I should play it safe and move home for a little while till I can find a job.  (Please pray for me!)  Finally my friend Stephanie over at Trading Pounds has posted a profile of my journey so far on her website you might want to go check out.  I personally think it's great, but I'm a little bias, lol.  I also wanted to mention that she will be doing some cooking classes in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area in the beginning of August.  Since I know many of you live in that area I thought I would mention it, I may even be at one!  Stephanie was also nice enough to agree to do a guest blog here, so look for that soon!!  I'll keep ya'all as updated as I can on things in the next few weeks, but it's gonna be hit or miss with everything now coming to a head this month so again...pray for me!  Lol.  =)


  1. Hi there, I just read your story on Trading Pounds. I am also keen to read your blog and will be following. All the best, you are a champ, TM

  2. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find the blog interesting! =)