Thursday, December 13, 2012


I bet you thought that I had forgotten you. Nope, just been super busy between personal life events/drama, my new job, and keeping up with my crafting business through the holiday's I've just been a bit overwhelmed lately.  I can't tell you how many times I've begun a post, only to have to walk away fifteen minutes later.  Somehow if I don't sit down and get the post done and posted in one sitting, it just doesn't get done.  Sorry about that, but hopefully I can make it through this one and posted.

There are changes happening in my life (some good, some I wish weren't happening) and because of these changes this blog is going to change a bit too.  Yes this blog is still about discovering how to love myself for me, that will never change.  What makes us happy does change over time though.  For instance when I was six I'd say ice cream made me the happiest girl in the world.  Well ice cream still makes me happy at almost 30 years old, but other things make me happier than ice cream now like a day with no commitments so I can sleep past 6am, lol.  So naturally in the almost two years I've been doing this blog, with all the life changes that have happened, the blog needs to change too.

Although physical health and fitness are still a part of my life, they will no longer be the focus of the blog.  Yes there will be posts about them still, but right now I've made a move in my life to be more emotionally and spiritually fit as well.  This means that this blog, which is about me personally, is going to change as well.  Not big changes since I began to move in this direction last year about this time, but I guess I'll feel more comfortable posting about other things happening in my life on here now that I've said this change is happening.

So what's happening in my life now that is of note?  Well I did finally get a job in Denver!!!!  Although not full-time, and not totally in my field, it's at least something that helps me keep my head above water.  I'm hoping that this will open new doors for me in the long run though, and in the process I've been meeting some pretty cool people.  So yay for making more Denver connections!

I also have been working hard with my small business, Handmade Heart.  Although it's still not at a place I would love to see it at, I also know that right now as long as I can break even with it I'm doing well.  My big thing this year was making handmade gifts for my family and friends for the holiday's.  I will never be making that mistake again!!!!  All my free time recently has been taken up by making a mad dash to finish a quilt I began back in September for my sister's boyfriend!  Don't get me wrong, it's SUPER cute, fun, and I know he'll love it when it's done, but good grief!  I'm still not going to have it totally finished before I have to mail it for Christmas, but hopefully he'll get the idea.  Other than personal projects though the business seems to be getting out there some and I love that people enjoy the things I make.

Finally my personal life...well I unfortunately can't talk about a lot happening in that department.  There are some good things, and some bad things happening that are all stressful, exciting, and saddening.  Those close to me know what these things are, and are being super supportive.  As I said though, for various reasons I can't talk about them.  What I can talk about though is the fact that I will be having my first non-familial visitor come in two weeks!!!!!  My good friend Jennifer is coming to see me at the end of the year.  We will ring in the new year together in Denver (or wherever in Colorado we end up going)!  It's been almost a year since I've seen Jennifer so I'm beyond excited to see her.  She's not only my best friend, but my sorority sister (adopted little sister as a matter of fact), former roommate, and former co-worker.  Basically she's as close to family to me as you can get without being actually related!!!  While Jennifer's here I'm going to try and talk her into moving here...Or if all else fails I'll just not take her to the airport to go back home, lol.  Since I can't travel home this month, and I couldn't for Thanksgiving either, seeing a face from back there in person will be really nice!

Jennifer and I summer 2011
I will attempt to keep this blog more updated than I have been, especially now that there is a new focus.  =)

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